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Manichaean Cartoon 1


Manichaean ‣ ADJ Sounds like: man-ih-KEE-un (IPA: /mænəkiən) Etymology “Manichaen” originates with “Mani”, the name of a 3rd century Persian prophet. Mani was famous for founding his own religion, which the Romans called “Manichaeism”. Manichaeism was a fusion of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism—though claiming to go beyond all of these. A distinguishing feature of […]

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behemoth cartoon


Behemoth ■ N or ADJ ■     A great beast that God describes in the Bible (Job 40), Behemoth is something like a bad-ass hippo. Speakers today use behemoth to describe any kind of ginormous entity—especially huge and powerful organizations like Google or the NSA. The word originates from Hebrew, possibly based on the […]

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