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“Language is an anonymous, collective and unconscious art; the result of the creativity of thousands of generations.”

—Edward Sapir

Do you think it would be fun to:

  • Learn cool new words, including funky words from other languages?
  • Get the deeper back-story behind words that you “sort of know”, but never researched?
  • Hone your skills at speaking in different accents of English?
  • Improve your understanding and pronunciation of foreign vowels, consonants, and tones?
  • Access the stories behind how human languages have developed and changed over history?

If that sounds enjoyable—and even if you have absolutely no knowledge of “grammar”, or of technical linguistics—then this blog is written for you. Please subscribe and enjoy!

—Dr. Derek D. Dexterous

p.s. current publication schedule is two posts per month, on the 1st and 15th days of the month.

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