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22 Forms of the English Verb

Examples of the 22 auxiliary forms for each English verb

  1. John eats. (simple present)
  2. John is eating. (present progressive)
  3. John has eaten. (present perfect)
  4. John has been eating. (present perfect plus progressive)
  5. John must eat. (modal)
  6. John must be eating.  (modal with progressive)
  7. John must have eaten. (modal with perfect)
  8. John must have been eating. (modal with perfect and progressive)
  9. John ate.  (simple past)
  10. John was eating. (past progressive)
  11. John had eaten. (past perfect)
  12. John had been eating. (past perfect plus progressive)
  13. John is eaten. (present passive)
  14. John is being eaten. (present progressive plus passive)
  15. John has been eaten. (present perfect plus passive)
  16. John has been being eaten. (present perfect plus progressive plus passive)
  17. John must be eaten. (modal plus passive)
  18. John must have been eaten. (modal plus perfect plus passive)
  19. John was eaten. (past plus passive)
  20. John was being eaten (past plus progressive plus passive)
  21. John had been eaten. (past perfect plus passive)
  22. John had been being eaten. (past perfect plus progressive plus passive)
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